Floor Preparation Services

Floor preparation is critical, the surface must be clean, porous and not have a sealer, oil, paint, wax or mastic on the floor to be resurfaced.

  • Shot/Bead Blasting
  • Scarifying
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Needle Scabbling
  • Power Floor Scraping
  • Power Washing
  • Power Floor Scrubbing

Epoxy And Urethane Crack Injection

Foundation wall and floor cracks occur for a variety of reasons. Poured concrete foundations can crack due to settlement, shrinkage, frost heaves, blasting, heavy equipment traffic or accidental collision.

Epoxy and Urethane injections for basement crack repair, foundation repair, slabs, concrete swimming pool repair, pool skimmers, parking garages, precast concrete elements, bulkheads, silos, holding tanks, containment and sea walls, and columns.

Moisture Testing

With moisture related flooring failures now costing millions of dollars annually, such testing is critical to ensure the success and longevity of flooring installations, as well as the elimination of the health and safety issues resulting from excessive substrate moisture.

Service Areas

Industrial Seamless Flooring services all of the United States & Territories.

International jobs have been completed in such areas as Barbados and Jamaica.

Industrial Seamless Flooring Corp. is ready to help you with your flooring project.

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